Life Members

Life Membership is the highest honour an organisation can bestow on a member. It is a reward for many years of service to the Centre that is beyond what is expected of a parent/official. Our GLAC Life Members are:

Matthew Andrews
Steve Critchley
Adrian Cusack
Cathy Cusack
Greg Dickson
Jenny Dickson
Leanne Doorey
Michael Hurley
Bob Leach
Michael Lee
Diane Levy
Jacki Long
Bob Maxwell
Mitch Perry
Russell Peters
Jack Reid
Karl Rugg
Alan Sonter
Michael Sullohern
Glen Taylor
Reg Thompson

Join us for our 2022/2023 season

Our 2022/23 Season is in full swing. Check Facebook for updates

Accessing Results

Use Results HQ to access your athlete's results. Log in using your registration email

Club Coaching

During the competition season, club coaching is available free on Tuesday nights for registered Glenbrook LAC athletes


Registration for the 2022/2023 season is now closed