GLAC Coaches Contact Details

Glenbrook LAC Centre Coaching

Club coaching will be held on Tuesday nights from 5.30 pm. 

Please note, Glenbrook LAC Club Training is for Glenbrook LAC registered athletes only.

Coaching on these training nights is free for all registered athletes.

As with Saturday competition, parents are required to remain at the oval with their children. Parents are encouraged to assist coaches with set up and pack up of training equipment, as well as with the coaching session where appropriate to maintain the flow of the sessions. If you wish to help, just ask the coaches, they will be grateful for any assistance.

Private coaching outside may be available outside of club coaching times. Private Coaching may involve a fee and should be organised directly with coaches by contacting them at training on Tuesday, Competition on Saturday or via contact information listed above.

Session Times

Tuesday Night 16th October 2018

5.20pm – Athletes to sign in training attendance book. **No sign in, no training.**

5.30pm                 General Warm Up

5.45pm                 Event Group Training (Approx. 20 min per event group)


                                                Long Jump

                                                Triple Jump

Athletes will be split into 3 training groups. Each group will then participate in run event training, jump event training and throw event training with each component last approximately 20 minutes before the training group moves to the next event. Each athlete will run, jump and throw each training session.

Training will be general in nature with the aim of providing a solid foundation for athletes to compete in all events safely at Saturday competition. For more advanced (or in depth technical) training, athletes are encouraged to organise further training with the event coach at a suitable time.

6.45pm                 Event Group Training Finish

6.45 – 7.00pm    Middle Distance Conditioning (by request)

6.15pm                 Sprints (12years+ only) – Michael

GLAC Coaching Co-ordinator Stuart Godwin