Registration Information

 Age Group Grid 2018/19

Whether you are a new or a returning member this page provides information regarding registration at Glenbrook Little Athletics Centre.

What ages can register?

Registrations at Glenbrook start at the Tiny Tot (4yr olds) and goes through to the under twenty (U20) age group. An age grid file that allows you to see what age group the athlete will fall into and, if the child is too young or too old to compete at Glenbrook is available by clicking AGE GROUP GRID above.

Please note we do not register Tiny Tots who are born after and including Jan 2015 only those turning 4 in 2018.

 An athlete TOO OLD for LANSW U17s can register with Athletics NSW in the U20 age group.

*** Please note that all new athletes will be required to provide proof of age (Birth Certificate, Passport, Blue book etc).

Do I have to register to compete?

It is compulsary to register with Glenbrook to compete at our centre. There is an exception for registered members of other Little Athletics Centre's who may compete at our centre as a visitor.

How much does it cost to register?

The committee of Glenbrook consider a number of factors each year in determining our registration fees. Charges passed onto us from Little Athletics NSW and Blue Mountains City Council must be considered along with other running costs associated with the Centre such as equipment upkeep, trophies etc.

The Registration fees for the 2018/19 season are:

Tiny Tots:                    $90.00

Under 6:                      $110.00

Under 7 to Under 17:    $130.00

Under 20 (Athletics NSW): $130.00

*** For families with 4 or more children who wish to register Glenbrook will register the 4th(or additional children) for free. Please note that the three oldest children will be the ones charged the registration fee and ONLY includes athletes in the Tot - U17 age groups.

*** All registration fees must be paid in full before athletes will be allowed to compete.

*** Can all families re-registering PLEASE ensure you update your childs SCHOOL...

Parent Involvement

Glenbrook Little Athletics centre is run entirely by volunteers. The Centre could not run without the support and assistance of parents. The saying, many hands make light work is true for Little Athletics, the more helpers we have the less work everyone needs to do. It is for this reason we ask that every parent/guardian provides some assistance at our Saturday competition.  We only ask that you do what you are able and there is always a committee member around who is more than happy to answer your questions or show you what to do.

We do require that a parent/guardian is present at any activity that is conducted by the Centre. This includes Saturday competition and training.

Glenbrook Little Athletics supports Federal and New South Wales legislation in regards to child protection. We may require a Working with Children Check to be completed.

How do I register?

There are two ways athletes can register at our centre.

1. Registrations can be done online CLICK HERE

2. The second way to register is at one of our two registration days.

This season our registration days will be held at Glenbrook Oval from 9am to 1pm on Sat 1st and 15th September, ALL registrations and payments must be done ONLINE.

***Please note that registrations will not be taken at our first competition day.